Posted by: brianc74 | December 15, 2010

85 And Healing; Welcome To A Real Game!

Quick post as I’m at work, I have a lot to do (still), and I need to get started.

Paladin is now 85. Loved leveling as Ret and Prot. I ran one regular instance as Ret. I dropped Ret for Holy because let’s just say that Mach knows how to push my buttons!

Broken Healing

The other day everyone was complaining about how apparently Blizzard has broken healing.  Evee was even saying that healers have been queueing for randoms and then afk’ing in protest.

Understand that I have not been following any blogs, websites, forums, etc. since my guild went boom. My anger with several people who I considered to be the problems combined with the hurt that resulted when my friends fractured into two groups (and believe me I was pissed at and hurt by both) increased my disgust with the game so much that I even had to remove non-guild related blogs from my list. Anything related to WoW just ticked me off! So to make a long story short, I haven’t known what’s going on in the game since about April.

I didn’t play Vanilla. I did play BC. And I healed as a pally through it. I remember 3 hour heroic Slave Pen runs. That was the extent of my farming for about 4 months! All the other instances were too damn hard! But I got good at it. Mana was always an issue. It was something you lived with. You carried lots of pots. This was before the pot nerf where you can only use one in combat now. (I still think this was a terrible idea!) This was when healing still took skill to be able to do well. Wrath broke healing to a boring spamfest!

Anyway, after all that complaining my first thought was it can’t be that hard. It’s probably just challenging like it was in BC and the majority of current healers either never experienced true healing or have totally forgotten how to do it. So quit your bitching ’cause I’m gonna prove you bastards wrong!!!

Proving You Wrong

So last night I tried my first regular instance (Grim Batol) as a healer. As I was trying to get used to it, Zoja and Mach died to the first boss, but after that it was fairly smooth sailing.

So was it as hard as people are saying?

OK, first off it was regular and to be honest I think most of the healing comments were directed at heroics, but I’m not sure. Was it difficult? Yes, but not for the reasons they were complaining about.

First, I haven’t healed on my pally since Naxx. Combine that with the way things are now and it’s well…FREAKING WEIRD!!!

Pally healing to me is, and always should be, the spammer. We are the mana efficient class! We are the tank healer! We are the Flash of Light spammer! That is what I’m used to. That is what I expect.

What I got was a slow ass healer that I’m not used to. Instead of four heals ala BC (Flash of Light, Holy Light, Holy Shock, and Lay on Hands), I have 9 heals now (not including my copycat heal which I totally forgot to use)!!! So yeah it was difficult trying to figure out what to do.

I also had mana issues. In part because of my inefficient healing due to unfamiliar spells, but also due to my gear.

Remember how I said I leveled prot/ret? Yeah, I mentioned in the forums that I wasn’t going to heal this expansion. I wanted to try something new like tanking or dps. I told Amber these bastards were gonna make me heal! (Mach, I hate you btw…) So I don’t exactly have the best gear. But because I suspected these guys would convince me (read: guilt me) into healing I started collecting healing pieces whenever quest rewards didn’t offer me prot/ret gear. So I healed the instance with holy/prot gear.

Overall I’m Happier

So my analysis? Granted I haven’t done a heroic yet. Item level is only 319 (with Prot gear mixed in mind you). But healing feels a lot more like BC than Wrath and for that I am grateful.

I hated Wrath’s endgame. Normal 5-mans were group quests. Heroics were less than normals. Naxx was fun, but a bit too easy. Ulduar was fun, but the challenge jump from Naxx was a bit too much (although I suspect it was more the gear upgrade issue).

The round room Amber got lost in was fun the very first time and the most broken, boring instance in the entire game! (Except the time Amber got mad at me in the middle of a pull and literally told me to stand in the corner! That was freaking hilarious!) And IC was fun, but unfortunately by that time I was so fed up with the endgame it was hard to enjoy.

With a change in gear, moving my healing buttons around, and a little practice I think healing could be a challenge again. So I suppose I’m being an elitist and saying that all those whiny ass healers that are saying this game is too hard:

Welcome to a real game! Thank God we’re done with Wrath!

Crap, this was supposed to be a quick post…

Oh and for those that claim pally healers are best in game right now? Leveling my shaman now too.



  1. I quit playing in August but stepped back into ICC the week before Cata dropped to test the changes. I actually really love paladin healing now! Holy shock like you’ll die if you don’t and you’re pretty much all set. 😀 I like feeling like I have more choices instead of spamming, though abusing holy light spam was nice for being able to goof off in chat.

    • It’s definitely nice to have a couple more choices, but 9? Really?! Blizzard’s trying to make it too complicated imo. Small heal, big heal, group heal, and HoT should be the basic heals. Granted variations between the classes are nice, but 9 heals for one class seems overkill to me.

      The biggest issue I’m having right now is not having a quick heal. Not an instant, but a quick heal like FoL used to be. 😦

  2. I’m giggling to myself because it happened…you’re SUCKED BACK IN!!! Bwahahahaha!

    I don’t have an 85 yet, but my druid is 84.2-ish. I’m just not all that into it.

    • …grumble…

      Yeah me either. I’ll probably level all my toons, but who knows if I’ll ever actually get to raid, etc. Not sure it’s in me anymore.

  3. Kyr! I would NEVER push YOUR Buttons!? I merely explained how AMAZING holy paladins are. Everything else is clearly your fault. Welcome to Cataclysm 😛

    Oh and…


  4. Anyway I was thinking of making my Pally second spec who is Prot, a Healer. So I’m intriqued as to what the changes are as well.

    Oh and Hi Mach!

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