Posted by: brianc74 | January 11, 2011

Gold Score > Gear Score

I’ve got a friend at work that’s in a pretty hardcore raiding guild, but during Wrath he got engaged and scaled back a lot…until his fiance started playing.

Now he’s back to playing, but on what his guild calls a casual basis (still more hardcore than I). In fact he has a guild within a guild. Apparently they are set up for 25 man raids, but have three 10 man groups as well. Each of those groups has a rank denoting which group they belong to. So he runs his little group and they have a different raid schedule from the rest of the members.

He’s been downing bosses and recently apparently is now 4/12 as of last weekend. So they are excited as they gain their loot, increase their item level (gear score*), and down bosses. This is what he loves to do in game.

I’m different. I probably haven’t run more than a half-dozen heroics. I just don’t have the drive to farm it, especially in pugs. So I’ve spent my time farming mats, leveling professions, doing dailies, pvp’ing (not entirely the ganking kind ;)), and leveling alts. In fact I now have four level 85 toons and will soon be working on 5 and 6 in order to max out the last of my professions. I have 5 of the primary and 2 of the secondary professions finished so I’m halfway.

In fact, I just recently spent over 12,000 gold to set up a little scheme my friend told me about that one of his friends has been running. It took nearly 6 hours to set up and at first provided no return as the items I was crafting did not sell. Then as I wondered if I was going to make my gold back any time soon, I started selling them and quickly made the gold back.

So the other day we were talking about WoW and he was all excited about his progression. He then asked me about whether or not my guild was going to get into raids soon. My response?

“Probably not, but I made 12k gold the past couple of days. How about you?”

“F$%^ you!”

Proof that Gold Score > Gear Score! 🙂

*I know Item Level is just another version of Gear Score and is still the same basic thing as it doesn’t tell you anything about a person’s skill, but is anyone else ecstatic that Gear Score chat has all but died? In fact, one guy announcing an 8k gear score yesterday got trolled in trade chat for even mentioning it. Awww… LMAO!


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