Posted by: brianc74 | January 28, 2011

The Glyph Market Doesn’t Make Sense…

Wrath was a pretty awesome time for the ambitious scribe! Herbs were cheap. Snowfall Inks generally sold for enough to pay for the entire stack of herbs making any glyphs crafted and sold pure profit! And if you weren’t selling the Snowfall Inks the cost of crafting a glyph averaged between 1-2g and sold for 20-80g!!!

Demand was high because some hardcore raiders would switch glyphs between boss fights and stock up on your goods. Others just couldn’t make up their minds. And Blizzard was nice enough to keep things changing often enough to get people to re-glyph on a regular basis!

But then patch 4.0.1 came out and I thought the good times were over. Scribes have had their day! But no…

Blizzard changed glyph making so that each glyph requires 3 inks to craft instead of 1. Result? Costs goes up. So profits should naturally come down, right? Well, prices have also gone up. Glyphs are going for as high as 300g on my server; although there are a lot in the 20-80g range as well. But that’s not the part that doesn’t make sense.

There are a finite number of people on the server. This translates to a finite number of toons on the server. Since glyphs are now “learned” instead of “inserted”, this means once I sell you a particular glyph you are no longer a potential customer for that glyph. So theoretically I should run out of customers. But I haven’t. This doesn’t mean I won’t, but for now I can’t figure it out. I still sell roughly the same number of glyphs per day that I did in Wrath. Granted with inflation I’m making more, but I shouldn’t be making 5x more per day than I did in Wrath, should I?

Anyway, I hit 100k yesterday with little effort. In about two weeks I went from 30k to 100k so I’m pretty proud of myself. Hey, you epeen with gear and I’ll epeen with gold! Get over it! 🙂

Now to hit 200k in two weeks…



  1. Hey Ky!

    Good to be hearing from you again! I see that Cataclysm has pulled you back in. I’m really liking this expansion overall more than I did Wrath, it feels like the old TBC days again. Congrats on your new bundle of joy, and sorry to hear about the passing of a beloved companion.

    Feel free to roll an ally toon on Fizzcrank just to say hi sometime!

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