Posted by: brianc74 | June 1, 2011

So apparently…

…the economy sucks. We’re in a depression. Jobs aren’t as easy to come by; let alone hold onto. Yearly raises are things our grandparents mention while talking about the good ol’ days. AND bonuses are buffs other players bring to a raid.

So explain to me how my apartment complex can justify charging me an extra $200/month IF I renew my lease by Friday. It’s more if I wait another week…

If we accept the 1/3rd of your monthly income rule for housing, then an increase of $200/month equates to $7200/year as the raise my company gave me this past year. Well, I can tell you I didn’t get anywhere close to that amount! How about you?

OK, I admit I’m venting. I know why they’re increasing it. There are no vacancies for my apartment size/style and those that filled in the past year are paying much higher than I am. It’s supply and demand. But OH MY LORD!!! They can still justify that?

I live in a 1300 SF 3-bedroom apartment. With three kids it’s small…SMAAAAAAALLLL!!! It’s always dirty. You can’t do enough dishes or laundry to keep up because kids have twice as much energy than you…and it’s mostly destructive!

It sucks because it’s not easy to go outside with the kids. There aren’t really good playgrounds nearby. You have to walk everyone about 15 minutes away to get to a park. And then one of the kids gets a little too tired and the fight between going and staying begins.

Then there’s the neighbors. Ever try to get a kid to not run, skip, or jump while walking from the living room to their bedroom? It would be easier to pass a kidney stone.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to take $2400 of the downpayment I’m trying to save for and giving it to my apartment complex! Especially considering my rent is now higher than the mortgage payments of a lot of my coworkers. I may not get exactly what I want this year, but I’ll get something better than what I have!

So apparently…I’m in the market for a new home. Now if I can just find out where I put that downpayment…



  1. Ours is going up too, even though they told us when we signed the first lease that there would be no more than a 2% increase every year. It went up 5% last year and 7% this year! Considering my pathetic wages, I keep telling my boyfriend we’d be better off finding jobs in a much cheaper city if we can. What we pay for a two bedroom is more than a mortgage on a nice house where we’re from.

    • I bought a house in Utah 10 years ago and granted that was 10 years ago, but I paid $150,000 and house prices haven’t changed a whole lot out there.

      My mortgage was less than $900. I’m paying twice that in rent now…

      Man living in the DC Metro Area is nuts!

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