Posted by: brianc74 | June 20, 2011

Karthus Pentakill

*Screenshot courtesy of my friend Vizier Tempus (a.k.a. Zeren).

The crudely drawn arrows are to draw your attention to the pentakill* I squeaked out of this fight. My second one since the first one I got took us completely by surprise and we were unable to screenshot it in time. Obviously you don’t see the remnants of the fight as everyone started to flee near the end, but no one runs from Requiem**!!!

*Although pentakill is rather self-explanatory; for those who don’t play, the most played game is a 5v5 match making pentakills extremely difficult to pull off. First the kills have to happen within a certain time frame of each other and in order to get credit for the kill you have to actually get the killing blow. This generally requires luck more than anything else.

**Requiem is Karthus’ ultimate ability in which beams of light descend from the sky to rain destruction on all enemies regardless of location. I had died during the fight, but Karthus has a passive ability that allows him to remain at the spot of his death for 7 seconds and continue casting without moving. Requiem killed the remaining enemy players. 🙂

***An “ace” is awarded to the person who kills the final enemy player when all players are still dead.


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